[003] - Đề luyện thi vào khối 10 chuyên - CLC (Thầy Đại Lợi)

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Đề luyện thi này không bao gồm phần Writing
Nguồn: Thầy Đại Lợi
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I. Choose the underlined part is pronounced differently from of the others.

II. Choose the words whose stress pattern isn’t the same as that of the others.


I. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences below.

Question 11. I think he will join us , ……….. ?
Question 12. The sooner she moves out, …….. it will be for all of us.
Question 13. We are thinking of going ……… holiday to Spain.
Question 14. Jane would prefer to work as a doctor …………. work as a nurse.
Question 15. I would ………… you didn’t leave just at the moment.
Question 16. I saw him ………… the window and ran away.
Question 17. The best room in that hotel ………. the day.
Question 18. The job offer was good for Jennifer to turn …………
Question 19. He bought a (n) ……… cottage in the country.
Question 20. She was unhappy ……………. her childhood.
Question 21. He is a taxi driver, so he is accustomed to …………. in the busy town centre.
Question 22. There …………. some good news about our school lately.
Question 23. ………… you hurry, you won’t catch the bus.
Question 24. Just keep ………… on the baby while I cook the supper, will you?
Question 25. Take this road and you will …………. at the hotel in five minutes.
Question 26. You’d better stop spending money, ………….. you’ll end up in debt.
Question 27. He was offered the job because he was …………. candidate.
Question 28. ………… his advice, I would have never got the job.
Question 29. Their flat is decorated in a ……………. Combination of colors.
Question 30. It is no use …………. A language if you don’t try to speak it.

II. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the word in capitals.

Question 31.
We have a lot of      from customers today. (COMPLAIN)
Question 32.
Traveling in big city is becoming more      everyday. (ATTRACT)
Question 33.
It was very      of him to steal that money. (HONEST)
Question 34.
He couldn’t give a      explanation for his actions. (SATISFY)
Question 35.
Have you got some kind of      on you. (IDENTIFY)
Question 36.
Reading a newspaper is an      way of keeping informed. (EFFECT)
Question 37.
In some areas water has to be boiled to   . (PURE)
Question 38.
He is a top      working on our space project. (SCIENCE)
Question 39.
It’s very important to get a good      in order to find a job. (EDUCATE)
Question 40.
She became a      singer after many years of hand work. (SUCCESS)

III. Find and correct the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting. (Viết từ đúng vào ô trống)

Question 41.
The leader emphasized the need for justice and equality between his people. →     
Question 42.
It is difficult to get used to sleep in a tent after having a soft, comfortable bed to lie on. →     
Question 43.
John is one of the most intelligent boys of the science class. →     
Question 44.
Most Americans would not be happy without a color television, two cars, and working at an extra job. →     
Question 45.
When harder she tried, the worst she danced before the large audience. →     


I. Read the following passage and choose the best answer from A, B, C or D in order to fill into blanks.

When you are driving abroad you should make sure that you have all your documents with you. These ___(46)___ your passport, your driving license and insurance papers. It ___(47)___ be very inconvenient if you ___(48)___ any of these or if you can not find ___(49)___ quickly. You must also make sure that your car has a nationality plate which shows the country where the car is registered; for ___(50)___, GB for Great Britain, F for France, N for Norway and so on.

In some ___(51)___ you have to pay if you don’t ___(52)___ motoring laws and this can sometimes cost you a lot of money. For instance, you may have to pay immediately if are stopped by a police officer for taking no notice of traffic lights, speech ___(53)___ or of you allow children ___(54)___ the age of twelve to ___(55)___ in front seat of a vehicle.

II. Find a suitable word to complete the following passage.

The British Museum library is ___(56)___ of the largest libraries in the world. It has a copy of every book ___(57)___ is printed in the English language, so that there are more than six million books ___(58)___. They receive nearly two thousands books and papers every day. The British Museum library has a very big ___(59)___ of printed books and manuscripts ___(60)___ they keep in glass cases. You can also find there some of the first books printed by Caxton. Caxton was the printer ___(61)___ lived in the fifteenth century. He made the first press in England. In the reading room of the British Museum library many famous great men have read and studied. You know that V.I Lenin visited London several times ___(62)___ he lived in London. He spent a lot of time in the British Museum library. Another great man was Karl Max who ___(63)___ works which have had the greatest influence ___(64)___ the politics of the modern world. Charles Dickens, a very popular English writer and the ___(65)___ of many interesting books spent a lot of time in the British Museum library.

Question 56.
Question 57.
Question 58.
Question 59.
Question 60.
Question 61.
Question 62.
Question 63.
Question 64.
Question 65.

III. Read the following passage and choose the best option to finish each of the sentences below.

Rice is a kind of grass. There are more than seven kinds of rice. Most kinds are water plants. Farmers grow rice in many countries even in the southern part of the United States and in Eastern Australia. No one really knows where rice comes from. Some scientists think it started to grow in two places. They think that one kind of rice grew in Southern Asia thousands of years ago. Someone in China wrote about it almost five thousand years ago. Another kind probably grew in West Africa. Other scientists think rice came from India, and India travelers took it to other parts of the world. There are two main ways to grow rice. Upland rice grows in dry soil. Most rice grows in wet soil. People in many countries do all of the work by hand. This is the same way farmers worked hundreds of years ago. Some countries now use machines on their rice farm. The farmers all use fertilizer. Some insects are enemies of rice. Farmers poison them.

Question 66. Rice is a kind of …………….
Question 67. Some scientists think that rice started to grow in two places: ………………..
Question 68. Down land rice grows in …………………………..
Question 69. Enemies of rice are ……………………..
Question 70. “ Farmer poison them” means …………………..

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