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Thầy Đại Lợi - Tác giả và Thủ khoa ĐHSPHN - Chuyên gia luyện thi CLC lớp 6, 10, THPTQG
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Circle the word which has underlined part pronounced differently from the others. (3 points)

Question 1.
Question 2.
Question 3.

Circle the odd one out. ( 2 points)

Question 4.
Question 5.

Circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences. (12 points)

Question 6. I don‘t know..... to pronounce this word.
Question 7. My grandfather is.....to walk without a stick.
Question 8. I saw a thief take Bill’s wallet, so I ran.......him, but I didn’t catch him
Question 9. There is a(n)...... to every rule.
Question 10. Mary as well as David and Jane ...... ready for the exam tomorrow.
Question 11. Each of them ......answers very well.
Question 12. You will become ill.....you stop working so hard.
Question 13. Those shoes look very tight. Do they really.....you?
Question 14. He has worked.....the manager in that company for nearly 15 years.
Question 15. Everyone .....Tom was invited to the party.
Question 16. I called on her yesterday: she......... a meal at the time.
Question 17. My sister is busy.....an exercise of English.

Find one mistake A, B, C or D and correct it (3pts)

Question 18. The more I got to know Tom, the fewer I liked him.
Question 19. Although I am not interested in English but I try my best to get good marks.
Question 20. It took us quite a long time to get here. It was a three-hours journey.

Read the passage and answer the questions ( 5 pts)

Thank you for calling the North London Arts Cinema. It opens 7 days a week, showing a variety of British and foreign films.
Next week we still show an Italian film called “Midnight Meeting”. It is set in Milan in the 1950s. You can see that film from Monday to Thursday. It will be on twice a day in the evenings. That‘s at 6.45 and 9.15. The film lasts two hours and fifteen minutes. Tickets are £4, but there is a special student ticket at £2.80 for all our midweek films. Please bring your student card if you want the cheaper ticket. The nearest car park to the cinema is in Victory Street. It‘s just five-minute walk from the cinema.
Thank you for calling the North London Arts Cinema. If you require further information, phone during office hours - 9am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Question 21.
How many days a week does the North London Arts Cinema open? →   .
Question 22.
What is the title of film next week? →   .
Question 23.
How long does the film last? →   .
Question 24.
What does a student have to do if he wants the cheaper ticket? →   .
Question 25.
How far is it from the nearest car park to the cinema? →   .

Read the passage and choose the correct answer A, C, C or D (3pts)

Tet is a national and ___(26)___ festival in Vietnam. It is an occasion for every Vietnamese to be reunited to think ___(27)___ their past activities and hope for good luck in the New Year. Before Tet, all houses ___(28)___ whitewashed and decorated with colourful lights. Everybody is looking ___(29)___ to a better life. In the New Year‘s Eve, children are smartly dressed. They are hoping to receive money put in small red envelopes as they are wishing longevity to ___(30)___ grandparents and parents. Wrong doings should be avoided on these days.

Question 26.
Question 27.
Question 28.
Question 29.
Question 30.

Rewrite the sentences starting with the given words. (5 pts)

Question 31.
Ba isn’t old enough to ride his bike to school. → Ba is   .
Question 32.
Can you help me, please? → Could you   ?
Question 33.
“Can you turn down the radio?” Miss Jackson said to Mary. → Miss Jackson asked   .
Question 34.
Where does she live? → What   ?
Question 35.
Their mother said to them, “Don‘t make so much noise”. → Their mother asked   .

Reorder the words / phrases to complete the sentences. (3 pts)

Question 36.
Question 37.
youhave?charactersandordifferentclose friendsyourDothe same
Question 38.
doesn’tglasses.gatheringhelovesplayingbutbrokenvideo gamesBalike

Write full sentences using the given words. (2pts)

Question 39.
Table/ between /two chairs. →   .
Question 40.
Wardrobe/ the center/ the room. →   .

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