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4.3. Write a paragraph (about 120 – 150 words) about the topic: (12 pts) “A visit (a trip) to the countryside”
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1.1. Choose the word whose main stress is different from the others.

1.2. Choose the word whose underlined part is differently pronounced from the others.


2.1. Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C, or D fits each space.

When you are in Singapore, you can go about ___(5)___ taxi, by bus, or by underground. I myself prefer the underground ___(6)___ it is fast, easy and cheap. There are ___(7)___ buses and taxis in Singapore and one cannot drive along the road ___(8)___ and without many stops, especially on Monday morning. The underground is therefore usually quicker ___(9)___ taxis or buses. If you do not know Singapore very well, it is difficult ___(10)___ the bus you want. You can take a taxi, but it is ___(11)___ expensive than the underground or a bus. On the underground, you find good maps that ___(12)___ you the names of the stations and show you ___(13)___ to get to them, so ___(14)___ it is easy to find your way.

2.2. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

Lorna: I might retire early. I don’t know. I’m 55 and my husband retired last year. He spends most of his time in the garden. I‘d really like to be there with him though I am not quite fond of the tasks. I‘m definitely going to learn a new language. I hate going abroad and speaking English.
Cass: I’m only 26, so I’m not going to retire soon! In fact I want to have more chances to earn our living. Jamie and I are going to have a baby next year and we’re really excited about that. We want to have a big family and live in a big house. Then, when I retire, my children and grandchildren will all be able to stay.
Sue: Well, Roger and I don’t agree about retiring. I love work and I don’t want to retire! I know I won‘t have anything to do.
Roger: I asked my boss at work recently and I might be able to retire next year. I might buy a house in France and spend the time that my family deserved to have with me long before. I’d love to have my first long-awaited visit to Paris with my wife one day.
Linda: I want to retire as soon as possible. I have three sons and now I don’t even have time to play with them. They will become mature very soon and don‘t want to spend quality time with me. I can‘t stand the thought.

Question 15. The reason Lorna looks forward to her retirement is because ________.
Question 16. Which of the following is NOT true about Cass?
Question 17. Who does NOT want to retire shortly?
Question 18. Roger _________________.
Question 19. The word “mature” in the passage is closest: in meaning to _________.


3.1. Choose the best option to complete the sentences.

Question 20. You should pay ______________ to what the instructor is saying.
Question 21. I am fed ______________ hanging around here with nothing to do.
Question 22. I read the contract again and again ______________ avoiding making spelling mistakes.
Question 23. Too many tests and exams have put high school students ______________ pressure.
Question 24. The articles I have cut out from newspapers for years are now ______________ with age.
Question 25. I think he will join us, ______________?
Question 26. Children have to ______________ respect to their parents and teachers.
Question 27. Wearing uniforms help poor students feel equal _________ others.
Question 28. If you come to the theatre late, you have to wait until the ______________ to get in.
Question 29. If Ba were rich, he ________ around the world.

3.2. Put the correct form of words.

Question 30.
Vietnamese people are very      (friendliness )
Question 31.
The      (communicate ) throughout the world has been easier thanks to the Internet.
Question 32.
Over a million      (copy ) of this work have been sold since 2000.

3.3. Synonyms and antonyms

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

Question 33. Parent are recommended to collaborate with teachers in educating children.
Question 34. We always split the housework equally – my mom cooks, my dad cleans the house and I do the washing - up.

Mark the letter A, B, C or D indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

Question 35. It is important to create a daily routine so as to improve your work-life balance today.
Question 36. From my point of view, parental divorce can cause lasting negative consequences for children.

3.4. Conversation

Question 37. “I have taken part in the science club for 3 months.”
Question 38. “I love studying science as it allows me to answer questions about natural world.”– “_________”


4.1. Rewrite the sentences without changing their meaning using the given words.

Question 39.
I think no other flowers are as beautiful as rose. → I think rose   .
Question 40.
They will open the flower garden to the public for ten days. → The flower garden   .
Question 41.
He won a prize at the competition because he spoke English fluently. → Because of   .
Question 42.
The pagoda is very small. A lot of visitors cannot stay inside at the same time. → The pagoda is not   .
Question 43.
Mr. Le said to his daughter, “Do as many exercises in English as you can.” → Mr. Le advised   .

4.2. Write a meaningful sentence using given words.

Question 44.
Linh/ parents/ proud/ him/ because/ he/ always/ get/ good marks. →   .
Question 45.
It/ only/ small car/ so/ there/ not/ enough room/ all/ us. →   .
Question 46.
I/ not talk/ uncle/ since/ he/ buy/ new house/ city center. →   .
Question 47.
We/ very interested/ play/ soccer/ when/ live/ countryside. →   .
Question 48.
The Browns/ buy/ lot/ food/ because/ they/ go/ have/ party. →   .

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