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Thầy Đại Lợi - Tác giả và Thủ khoa ĐHSPHN - Chuyên gia luyện thi CLC lớp 6, 10, THPTQG
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I. Choose the word in each group that has underlined, italic part pronounced differently from the rest.

II. Choose the best answer.

Question 6. Please show me_______ this machine works.
Question 7. What_______ the weather like there?
Question 8. She hates fish and_______ do I.
Question 9. Shall we go out tonight?
Question 10. Why mustn’t we let children________ in the kitchen?
Question 11. She never touches_______ food.
Question 12. Were you absent_______ school last Monday?
Question 13. Who is_______, Mary or Cathy?
Question 14. I_______ like some spinach and cucumbers.
Question 15. It took us two hours_______ to Hanoi.

III. Give the correct form of verbs in brackets.

1. Every morning , Linda (have) ___(16)___ breakfast at 6:10. After breakfast, she (brush) ___(17)___ her teeth .
2. Mrs. May (visit) ___(18)___ Nha Trang next week. - How long ___(19)___ she (stay) ___(20)___ in Nha Trang?
3. I (invite) ___(21)___ to her party last night.
4. I prefer (make) ___(22)___ craft to (draw) ___(23)___ a picture.
5. I hate (spend) ___(24)___ all day on (go) ___(25)___ fishing.

Question 16.
Question 17.
Question 18.
Question 19.
Question 20.
Question 21.
Question 22.
Question 23.
Question 24.
Question 25.

IV. Choose the best word to complete the passage below.

Singapore is an island city of about three million people. It's a beautiful ___(26)___ with lots of parks and open spaces. It's also a very ___(27)___ city.
Most of the people ___(28)___ in high rise flats in different parts of the island. The business district is very modern with ___(29)___ of high new office buildings. Singapore also has some nice older sections. In China town, there ___(30)___ rows of old shop houses. The Government buildings in Singapore are very ___(31)___ and date from the colonial days.
Singapore is famous ___(32)___ its shops and restaurants. There are many good shopping centers. Most of the ___(33)___ are duty free. Singapore's restaurants ___(34)___ Chinese, Indian, Malay and European food, and the ___(35)___ are quite reasonable.

V. Read the passage and choose the best answer

It is five o‘clock in the evening when Rene Wagner comes home from work. She walks into the living room and looks at her three children. They are 14, 13 and 9 years old. They are watching TV. The living room is a mess. There are dirty socks on the floor and cookies on the sofa. Games and toys are everywhere. Rene is angry, “This place is a mess” she tells her children, “I can‘t work all day and then do housework all evening. I‘m not going to do housework!” Rene doesn‘t do housework. She doesn’t clean or wash dishes. She doesn‘t wash clothes, either. Every evening she sits on the sofa and watches TV. After two weeks, every plate, fork and glass in the house is dirty. All the children‘s clothes are dirty.
Every garbage basket is full. The house is a mess. Then, one day Rene comes home from work and gets a big surprise. The kitchen is clean. The children clean the kitchen! The next day, the living room is clean, and the children are washing their clothes. Rene tells the children “OK, I‘ll do the housework again. But you have to help me.” Now Rene and her three children do the housework together. Then they all sit on the sofa and watch TV!

Question 36. When Rene came home from work, she found the house________.
Question 37. Rene told her children________.
Question 38. Two weeks later, the house was________.
Question 39. Some days later, the house was clean again because________.
Question 40. Now Rene does housework again because________.

VI: Reorder the words or phrases to make complete sentences.

Question 41.
Question 42.
Question 43.
Question 44.
Question 45.

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