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Question 1. If you have ever watched television, you have seen plenty ______ drug advertisements.
Question 2. Lack ______ food had stunted his growth.
Question 3. Today, women are increasingly involved_____the politics.
Question 4. On Christmas Eve children go to bed full _____ excitement.
Question 5. Boys! Put your toys ______ . It is time to go to bed. Don't stay ______ late.
Question 6. That house reminds me ______ the one where I used to live.
Question 7. She intended to quit her job to stay ______ home and look ______ her sick mother.
Question 8. We have to apply effective measures to save many plant and animal species ______ extinction.
Question 9. As an adult, I am independent_____my parents financially.
Question 10. Do you have any objections ______ this new road scheme?
Question 11. Many students aren't keen ______ their study at school.
Question 12. Instead ______ petrol, cars will only run ______ solar energy and electricity.
Question 13. Due to industrialization, we have to cope ______ the fact that many species are ______ danger ______ extinction.
Question 14. Can you help me, please? I can't see the differences ______ these words.
Question 15. As I was ______ of the change in the program, I arrived half an hour late for the rehearsal.
Question 16. She is looking ______ a new place to live because she does not want to depend ______ her parents any more.
Question 17. Clearing forests for timber has resulted ______ the loss of biodiversity.
Question 18. According ______ Bill, there's something wrong ______ my computer.
Question 19. May I introduce you ______ Mrs Brown?
Question 20. Please write your answers ______ ink.
Question 21. Education in many countries is compulsory ______ the age of 16.
Question 22. She likes reading books ______ the library.
Question 23. Bread is usually made ______ wheat.
Question 24. She has a promising future ahead ______ her.
Question 25. I'm terrified ______ breaking down on a motorway at night.
Question 26. It was very kind ______ you to lend me the money I needed.
Question 27. This organization is quick ______ sending relief goods to the flooded areas.
Question 28. Family members who live apart try to get together ______ Tet.
Question 29. When are you leaving ______ Singapore? This week or next week?
Question 30. He is very worried ______ his new job because he is not quite prepared ______ working.

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