[010] - Đề ôn thi then chốt vào các trường chuyên, trường chất lượng cao, trường điểm (Thầy Đại Lợi)

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Exercise 1. Choose the word in each group that has underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Exercise 2. Choose the best preposition to complete the sentence.

Question 6. Can you tell me_______ this dish?
Question 7. _______ is a large piece of furniture where you can hang your clothes.
Question 8. Let me _______ your bag.
Question 9. The sign says “No smoking”. You _______ smoke.
Question 10. Since the 1970s, the festival in Glastonbury has taken _______ almost every year and has grown in size.
Question 11. Is there any butter_______ in the refrigerator?
Question 12. - _______ is the festival celebrated? - Every year.
Question 13. No one else in the class plays the guitar_______ John.
Question 14. We’ll go swimming today _______ It’s hot.
Question 15. I do not have_______ oranges, but I have_______ apples.

Exercise 3. Give the correct form of verbs in brackets.

1. It is (rain) (16) hard. We can’t do anything until it (stop) (17) .
2. Hoa (keep) (18) her teeth very careful. She (brush) (19) her teeth twice a day.
3. - When did you (buy) (20) this comic? - I (buy) (21) it two days ago.
4. Do you mind (close) (22) the windows because it is too cold?
5. He and his sister (not/ meet) (23) my friends since last Christmas

Exercise 4. Choose the best word to complete the passage below.

The 25th meeting of the FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI) that will take place in February 2003 comes at a ___(24)___ time in the quest for sustainable fisheries. Meeting in Johannesburg at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, world leaders ___(25)___ the vital role of marine fisheries to economic and food security and to biodiversity in general. Leaders established a number of fisheries commitments for the world community, ___(26)___ a call “to maintain or restore stocks to levels that can produce maximum sustainable ___(27)___ with the aim of achieving these goals for depleted stocks on an urgent basis and where possible not later than 2015.”
The mission of FAO in the field of fisheries is to ___(28)___ and secure the long-term sustainable development and utilization of the world’s fisheries and aquaculture. Many of the issues ___(29)___ the agenda for the 2003 COFI meeting will contribute directly to the goal of restoring depleted fish stocks and to ___(30)___ other commitments.
If we are to fulfill these commitments, we must take ___(31)___ actions and set clear priorities. The most recent FAO statistics indicate that over 70 percent of fisheries are ___(32)___ overfished or are fished at their maximum capacity. In coming years, production from many key fisheries will likely decline. Demand for fisheries products, ___(33)___, will continue to increase. The prospect of this growing shortfall poses our greatest fisheries challenge today.

Exercise 5. Read the passage and choose the best answer.

Ruou can, also known as tube wine in English, is a unique drink that can be found in the mountainous regions of Central Vietnam like Tay Nguyen. It’s made from rice and other herbs. The recipe differs in various ethnic minorities groups depending on what is available in their surroundings.
The ingredients are kept in a ceramic jar for a month. Using a thin bamboo straw, people drink ruou can directly from the jar. This drink is commonly served during a special celebration such as weddings, New Year festivals, etc. People often gather around the wine jar and drink together while singing and dancing.
It’s considered an honour in many ethnic groups to be offered this kind of rice wine.

Question 34. What does the writer call ruou can in the passage?
Question 35. What are the ingredients of ruou can?
Question 36. Which of the following is TRUE about the recipe of ruou can?
Question 37. According to the writer, when do mountainous residents drink ruou can?
Question 38. Which of the following is NOT stated in the passage?

Exercise 6. Reorder the words or phrases to make complete sentences.

Question 39.
Question 40.
Question 41.
Question 42.
Question 43.

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[010] - Đề ôn thi then chốt vào các trường chuyên, trường chất lượng cao, trường điểm (Thầy Đại Lợi)

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