[011] - Trọng tâm kiến thức luyện thi Khối 6 Chuyên - Chuyên đề 1: TENSE – Exercise 11

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Exercise 11. Complete the sentences using Future simple or Near Future.

Question 1.
In the future, I think humans      (wipe out) many different species.
Question 2.
I don’t think you      (have) any problems when you land in Boston.
Question 3.
She thinks the concert      (be) really exciting.
Question 4.
If we go to Paris, we      (take) lots of pictures.
Question 5.
I know they      (feel) very happy if they win the match.
Question 6.
I      (not/ buy) you a new phone if you fail your English in library after school.
Question 7.
Their suitcases are packed. They      (go) on holiday.
Question 8.
We      (wait) in the shelter until the bus comes
Question 9.
I can’t come on the march tomorrow. I      (look after) my cousins.
Question 10.
Look at the dark clouds. It      (rain).
Question 11.
“What are your plans for this evening?” I      (meet) my friends and then go to a birthday party.
Question 12.
They’ve already decided on their next summer holiday. They      (do) a tour of Norway.
Question 13.
This homework is very easy. I know we      (do) it very quickly.
Question 14.
In five years, I      (be) at university.
Question 15.
Sorry, I am not free tomorrow. I      (visit) my best friend.
Question 16.
If you revise for the exam, I’m sure you      (get) a good result.
Question 17.
Those tomatoes look delicious. I      (buy) some for dinner
Question 18.
When we get home, we      (have) dinner.
Question 19.
The weather forecast is good for the next few days. It      (be) very sunny.
Question 20.
He is buying some butter and eggs because he      (make) a cake later.

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[011] - Trọng tâm kiến thức luyện thi Khối 6 Chuyên - Chuyên đề 1: TENSE – Exercise 11

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