[015] - Trọng tâm kiến thức luyện thi Khối 6 Chuyên - Chuyên đề 1: TENSE – Exercise 15

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Exercise 15. Choose the best option to complete the sentence.

Question 1. The train _________ half an hour ago.
Question 2. Jack _________ the door.
Question 3. I _________ to New York three times this year.
Question 4. After I _________ lunch, I looked for my bag.
Question 5. Jack _________ the door.
Question 6. I _________ Texas State University now.
Question 7. We _________ there when our father died.
Question 8. By Christmas, I _________ for Mr. Smith for six years.
Question 9. They _________ table tennis when their father comes back home.
Question 10. Since _________, I have heard nothing from him.
Question 11. Almost everyone _________ for home by the time we arrived.
Question 12. The man got out of the car, _________ round to the back and opened the book.
Question 13. I couldn’t cut the grass because the lawn mower _________ a few days previously.
Question 14. He fell down when he _________ towards the church.
Question 15. Henry _________ into the restaurant when the writer was having dinner.
Question 16. I have never played badminton before. This is the first time I _________ to play.
Question 17. I’ll come and see you before I _________ for the States.
Question 18. The little girl asked what _________ to her friend.
Question 19. Christopher Columbus _________ American more than 500 years ago.
Question 20. John _________ a book when I saw him.
Question 21. My sister _________ for you since yesterday.
Question 22. I have been waiting for you _________.
Question 23. When her husband was in the army, Mary _________ to him twice a week.
Question 24. By the end of next year, George _________ English for two years.
Question 25. He said he _________ return later.
Question 26. By the age of 25, he _________ two famous novels.
Question 27. I _________ in the room right now.
Question 28. When I last saw him, he _________ in London.
Question 29. We _________ Dorothy since last Saturday.
Question 30. He has been selling motorbikes _________.

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[015] - Trọng tâm kiến thức luyện thi Khối 6 Chuyên - Chuyên đề 1: TENSE – Exercise 15

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