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Question 1. When old Mr. Barnaby died, several people ______ their claim to the substantial legacy that he left.
Question 2. His work ______ new ground in the treatment of cancer. It is now giving many cancer victims hope of complete recovery.
Question 3. The minister came under fire for his rash decision to close the factory.
Question 4. It's not fair to put all the blame on him. He's not the only one at fault.
Question 5. The detective was asked to probe into the mysterious disappearance of the painting.
Question 6. I used to ______ reading comics, but now I've grown out of it.
Question 7. However much effort he put into it, he will never make a go of the business.
Question 8. You can ask Matin anything about history. He actually has quite a good ______ for facts.
Question 9. The local press has been pouring ______ on the mayor for dissolving the council.
Question 10. You should take out insurance ______ your house from any possible damage. Earthquakes sometimes occur here.
Question 11. My friend is good at mimicking people. He ______ a great impression of Charlie Chaplin.
Question 12. I find myself at a loss to understand Harold's behavior.
Question 13. As orders are becoming more and more, we've been rushed off our feet all week.
Question 14. It was such a sad film that we all were reduced ______ tears at the end.
Question 15. Little Deon: "This herb smells horrible, mommy!” Mommy:" ______ it will do you a power of good."
Question 16. Toxic chemicals from factories are one of the serious factors that leads wildlife to the ______ of extinction.
Question 17. The food was so delicious that I had a second ______
Question 18. The government has launched a new road safety campaign in an attempt to reduce the number of road accidents.
Question 19. I'm not going to go ice skating! I'd only fall over and ______ a fool of myself.
Question 20. When the police arrived the thieves took to flight leaving all the stolen things behind.

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