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Circle the word which has underlined part pronounced differently from the others. (3 points)

Question 1.
Question 2.
Question 3.

Circle the odd one out. ( 2 points)

Question 4.
Question 5.

Circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences. (12 points)

Question 6. “Are Mary and Peter still living in Paris?”–“No, they …….. to New York.”
Question 7. On Christmas Eve, most big cities, especially London are .........with coloured lights across the streets and enormous Christmas trees.
Question 8. In the United, there are 50 …….and six different time zones across the country.
Question 9. It‘s recommended that we become more concerned …… the environment around us.
Question 10. My father shouted at me, …….. made me feel sorrowful.
Question 11. ‘What is the …….. of the USA ?‘ –‘The dollars.‘
Question 12. We can see many international programs ……………...different channels.
Question 13. Air ……., together littering, is cause many problems in our cities today.
Question 14. I believe that our new manager has the …… to work well in this business environment.
Question 15. What …… we do to prevent these natural disasters?
Question 16. Nowadays you still see the ………men wear kits (skirts) to wedding or other formal occasions.
Question 17. …….. at someone is usually considered rude.

Find one mistake A, B, C or D and correct it (3pts)

Question 18. It was wrong with you to allow a 4 year-old child to walk home alone.
Question 19. We called the baseball park up to ask that when the game was scheduled to begin that afternoon.
Question 20. The Smiths are very proud about that their son always gets high marks in his courses.

Read the passage and answer the questions ( 5 pts)

A week ago we talked to our friends in another class. We didn‘t have a telephone. So we made one. What do you need for a string telephone? You need two small tins and some string. That‘s all. How did we make the telephone? First, we cut the tops of the tins. Then we punched a hole in the bottom of each tin.
What did we do next? We put one end of the string through the hole in one tin. We tied a big knot. Then we put the string through the other hole and tied the other knot. The teacher said: “ Now you have a string telephone! Let‘s try it”. We opened the window of our room. Tom called Bill in the other room; “Open your window and catch this tin. I‘m going to throw it”.
Then Tom talked into the telephone to Bill, Bill listened. But nothing happened! Tom talked again, but Bill didn‘t hear him. He tried again. Again nothing happened. “ Wait a minute”, our teacher said. “Let‘s look at our telephone. Perhaps something‘s wrong”. We looked at the telephone. Something was wrong. The string was touching the window. We tried again. The students watched and waited. The teacher watched too. Again Tom talked to Bill. This time Bill laughed and shouted, “I hear you! I hear you!” Our telephone worked in the end.

Question 21.
What do you need for a string telephone? →   .
Question 22.
What did they do with the top and bottom of each tin? →   .
Question 23.
What did they do with each end of the string? →   .
Question 24.
Who was Tom going to throw one of the tins to? →   .
Question 25.
What was wrong with the telephone? →   .

Read the passage and choose the correct answer A, C, C or D (3pts)

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a big city. The city is filled with factories, large office buildings, banks, restaurants, and shops of all sizes. It is a ___(26)___ for Japanese art, and is home to more than 100 colleges and universities. The city is ___(27)___ an important seaport. Most Japanese companies have___(28)___ main offices, Tokyo. At the heart of Tokyo is the Imperial Palace. This is the place ___(29)___ the Emperor of Japan lives with his family. Tokyo is one of the world‘s biggest and most crowded ___(30)___.

Question 26.
Question 27.
Question 28.
Question 29.
Question 30.

Rewrite the sentences starting with the given words. (5 pts)

Question 31.
The movie was very bad. I couldn‘t see it. → The movie was not   .
Question 32.
You must see the headmaster. → You’ve   .
Question 33.
The garage is going to repair our car next week. → We are going   .
Question 34.
“Shut the door but don‘t lock it”, he said to us. → He told   .
Question 35.
In spite of his intelligence, he doesn‘t do well at school. → Although   .

Reorder the words / phrases to complete the sentences. (3 pts)

Question 36.
Question 37.
Question 38.

Write full sentences using the given words. (2pts)

Question 39.
You / not / want / sell / house last year ? →   ?
Question 40.
Those buses / not going / airport / neither / taxis. →   .

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