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Question 1.
My daily expense are just about equal      my income.
Question 2.
They have been waiting      the bus for half an hour.
Question 3.
What time did they arrive      London?
Question 4.
We are looking forward      seeing you again.
Question 5.
Clean air is necessary      our health.
Question 6.
When she arrived in Britain, she wasn't used to driving      the left.
Question 7.
I'm very grateful      her for help.
Question 8.
The gloves aren't very suitable      that kind of work.
Question 9.
I'm very sorry      what I have done.
Question 10.
Our flat is      the second floor of the building.
Question 11.
Don't you think you should try to be friendly      your classmates?
Question 12.
She is always fed up      washing dishes after dinner.
Question 13.
What do you often do      the evening?
Question 14.
She is very jealous      her sister.
Question 15.
We were very doubtful      his ability.
Question 16.
   the past, people did a great deal of work by hand.
Question 17.
Henry was born      1992.
Question 18.
She has become very famous      her novels.
Question 19.
l. You don't like it, do you?      the contrary, I love it.
Question 20.
She is very angry      me.
Question 21.
Every student should spend      least two hours on his homework every night.
Question 22.
Everybody was surprised      the news.
Question 23.
Did you go on holiday      yourself?
Question 24.
Are you excited      going on holiday next week?
Question 25.
Mr. Johnson said he was      favor of doing the work right away.
Question 26.
Miss White was very upset      the news of her father's death.
Question 27.
Some large cities may have to ban cars      the city center to wipe out smoke.
Question 28.
Thank you. You are kind      me.
Question 29.
The roofs are covered      red tiles.

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