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Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc

I. I'm going out for a walk. I (read) (1) too long.

2. I (do) (2) my homework when my mother (send) (3) me to the chemist's with the prescription the doctor (give) (4) her.

3. By the end of this week I (read) (5) 200 pages of my new novel.

4. He (do) (6) the experiment when the light (go) (7) out.

5. At this time next week, we (live) (8) in USA.

6. He (work) (9) on the report at this time tomorrow.

7. Go on the next test as soon as you (finish) (10) this one.

8. When I (look) (11) at my suitcase, I could see that somebody (try) (12) to open it.

9. We (be) (13) a few minutes late, so the film (start) (14) when we (get) (15) to the cinema.

10. I'm going to bed now. I (work) (16) for hours and I'm very tired.

11. I think she is the nicest person I (meet) (17) .

12. He [come] (18) into the room after he (stand) (19) outside for a moment.

13. After the telephone (buzz) (20) for a minute, the doctor (answer) (21) it.

14. He (have) (22) a bad fall while he (repair) (23) the roof.

15. Yesterday, when I (see) (24) Tom he (sit) (25) in a corner with a book. I (tell) (26) him that he (read) (27) in very bad light.

16. James (weed) (28) while Alex (cut) (29) the grass in the garden this time yesterday.

17. Susan (wait) (30) for you at 9 o'clock tomorrow.

18. By next summer, she (finish) (31) her 3rd novel.

19. This is the first time we (see) (32) the Statue of Liberty.

20. By the time Anne graduated from high school, she (attend) (33) seven different schools because her parents moved frequently.

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