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Viết chân đáp án đúng

Question 1.
Iraq is rich (on/at/to/in)      oil.
Question 2.
I have some tickets available (for/to/of/with)      you.
Question 3.
The air at the seaside is good (at/for/on/of)      health.
Question 4.
The boy is afraid (of/on/in/about)      snakes.
Question 5.
The beach is full (at/in/to/of)      tourists in summer.
Question 6.
Your words are contrary (to/in/on/of)      your acts.
Question 7.
The book is divided (to/in/into/for)      three parts.
Question 8.
Smoking is harmful (for/with/to/about)      our health.
Question 9.
I'm not acquainted (at/in/with/of)      those flowers.
Question 10.
We are proud (at /in/on/of)      our people's heroic tradition.
Question 11.
My father insisted (in/on/of/at)      building a new house.
Question 12.
Four-fifths of the world's computers use programs (at/in/on/about)      English.
Question 13.
The streets are crowded (at/ in/ with/ of)      vehicles at the rush hour.
Question 14.
Are you capable (with/of/for/to)      doing that job?
Question 15.
I'm interested (at/in/on/of)      current events.
Question 16.
She has suffered (from/to/with/about)      her heart attack.
Question 17.
He was successful (in/with/of/to)      his job.
Question 18.
We are ashamed (at/in/to/of)      his behavior.
Question 19.
His book is different (about/from/for/between)      mine.
Question 20.
We are present (at/in/to/of)      the lecture yesterday.
Question 21.
She was confused (with/on/about/in)      the dates.
Question 22.
Teachers are responsible (at/for/to/of)      their teaching.
Question 23.
I was absent (at/in/to/from)      class before yesterday.
Question 24.
English belongs (from/to/on/in)      those who use it.
Question 25.
We are grateful (at/in/on/to)      our teacher.
Question 26.
He is sad (about/in/on/of)      his son’s laziness.
Question 27.
Your profession is similar (to/in/on/of)      mine.
Question 28.
Most children are ill-prepared (to/for/from/at)      employment.
Question 29.
That singer has become very popular (at/with/to/of)      the youth.
Question 30.
She is serious (with/about/of/for)      learning to be a doctor.

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