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Question 1. If she ______ a car, she would go out in the evening.
Question 2. George wouldn't have met Mary ______ to his brother's graduation party.
Question 3. If the prisoners attempt to escape from prison, ______ immediately.
Question 4. If it had not rained last night, the roads in the city ______ so slippery now.
Question 5. What noisy neighbors you've got! If my neighbors ______ as bad as yours, I ______ crazy.
Question 6. If he ______ the lesson yesterday, he could do the test better today.
Question 7. We ______ on the beach now if we hadn't missed the plane
Question 8. If he had been more careful, he ______
Question 9. If I hadn't had so much work to do, I would have gone to the movies.
Question 10. Without your help, I ______ the technical problem with my computer the other day.
Question 11. His health would be improved ______
Question 12. ______ ten minutes earlier, you would have got a better seat.
Question 13. If Nam had passed the GCSE examination, he ______ to take the entrance examination to the university.
Question 14. The joke would not be funny if it ______ into French.
Question 15. I didn’t know that you were at home. I didn't visit you.
Question 16. He was driving very fast because he didn't know the road was icy.
Question 17. If it _____ warm yesterday, we would have gone to the beach.
Question 18. I think you should stop smoking.
Question 19. She helped us a lot with our project. We couldn't continue without her.
Question 20. Unless you ______ well-trained, you ______ to the company.

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