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Question 25: Write your answer (at least 25 words) to the question:
What is your favorite subject in school?
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Question 1-13: Circle the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 1. If we plant more trees in the school yard, the school will be a .............. place.
Question 2. The man overturned and everyone………………..into the deep river
Question 3. Of the all members in my family, my grandpa is…………………..
Question 4. How long……………..here? - Since 1980.
Question 5. .............. your house have an attic? - .............. , it does.
Question 6. The city is ……………….on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Question 7. This is an emergency. Please ……………………an ambulance to Cua Viet beach
Question 8. We are having a plan to help them by ……………..them do things.
Question 9. On Christmas Eve, people often………..a tree.
Question 10. 7 The games were………………..important that they stopped fighting for a time.
Question 11. I …………to your place tomorrow. Hope to meet you there.
Question 12. After the clothes are washed , we can wear …………..to Ann’s birthday party.
Question 13. His handwriting is terrible. It’s not easy at all ….........what he writes.

Question 14-16: Circle the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the most suitable response to complete each of the following exchanges.

Question 14. “What games did you play at the party?” -“___________”
Question 15. “How did you get to your hometown?” -“____________”
Question 16. “What did you do on summer holiday?” -“____________”

Question 17-20: Read the following passage and circle the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the answer to each of the following questions.

After inventing dynamite, Swedish-born Alfred Nobel became a very rich man. However, he foresaw its universally destructive powers too late. Nobel preferred not to be remembered as the inventor of dynamite, so in 1895, just two weeks before his death, he created a fund to be used for awarding prizes to people who had made worthwhile contributions to mankind. Originally there were five awards: literature, physics, chemistry, medicine and peace. Economics was added in 1968, just sixty-seven years after the first awards ceremony.
Nobel's original legacy of nine million dollars was invested, and the interest on this sum is used for the awards which vary from $30,000 to $125,000.
Every year on December 10th , the anniversary of Nobel's death, the awards (gold medal, illuminated diploma, and money) are presented to the winners. Sometimes politics plays an important role in the judges' decisions. Americans have won numerous science awards, but relatively few literature prizes. No awards were presented from 1940 to 1942 at the beginning of World War II . Some people have won two prizes, but this is rare; others have shared their prizes.

Question 17. Why was the Nobel prize established?
Question 18. In which area have Americans received the most awards?
Question 19. Which of the following statements is not true?
Question 20. In how many fields are the prizes bestowed?

Question 21-24: Read the description of some words. Write the correct words in the boxes.

Question 21.
The area above the earth, in which clouds, the sun can be seen (3 letters) →   
Question 22.
This subject teaches us about the world, you learn about important rivers, cities and learn how to read maps (9 letters) →   
Question 23.
Fill in the missing word to complete the English proverb “ A leopard cannot change its .” (4 letters)
Question 24.
These beautiful insects can fly, and they love flowers. Birds sometimes eat them (11 letters) →   

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