MODULE 12: ARTICLES (Exercise 2)

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Fill in the blanks with a, an, the or Ø (zero article)

Ghi chú: Viết số không (0) nếu chọn Ø (zero article)
1. English is spoken all over (1) world.

2. (2) deaf are unable to hear anything.

3. I like studying (3) Maths best.

4. People all over the world like (4) football.

5. (5) tea is produced in Thai Nguyen.

6. I wish today were on (6) Sunday.

7. I often have (7) breakfast at 6:00 pm and (8) lunch at 11:00 pm.

8. She gave me (9) apple and gave Lan 2 (10) apples.

9. (11) Smiths are going to Halong Bay next summer.

10. If I won the lottery, first I would buy (12) piece of land in the country.

11. This morning I bought a newspaper and (13) magazine. (14) newspaper is in my bag but I. don't know where I put (15) magazine.

12. (16) Wayle is (17) small river that cuts across (18) park near my house.

13. Maria comes from (19) United States. She is (20) American girl.

14. The boy said: " (21) Moon is bigger than (22) Earth."

15. I bought (23) car last week. (24) car is over there.

16. I need (25) few apples but (26) lot of suggar.

17. Where is (27) nearest shop? There is one at (28) end of this street.

18. There are 2 cars parked outside: (29) blue one and (30) grey one. (31) blue one belongs to my neighbours and I don't know who (32) owner of (33) grey one is.

19 My friends live in (34) old house in (35) small village. There is (36) beautiful garden behind (37) house. I would like to have (38) garden like that.

20. What did you eat for (39) breakfast this morning?

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MODULE 12: ARTICLES (Exercise 2)

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