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Kết hợp câu dùng từ gợi ý

Question 1.
Who was the last person who saw the young man alive? (TO SEE) →   ?
Question 2.
That's the hotel. I stayed there last summer. (AT WHICH) →   .
Question 3.
This is the second person who was killed in that way. (BE) →   .
Question 4.
July is the month. Most people often go on holiday then. (IN WHICH) →   .
Question 5.
The man is our English teacher. He comes from Australia. (COMING) →   .
Question 6.
My uncle bought a boat. The boat costs thirty thousand dollars. (WHICH) →   .
Question 7.
France is the country. The best wine is produced there. (WHERE) →   .
Question 8.
I found a man's wallet. He gave me a reward. (WHOSE) →   .
Question 9.
Sai Gon Times was the only newspaper which appeared that day. (TO APPEAR) →   .
Question 10.
1945 was the year. The Second World War ended then. (WHEN) →   .
Question 11.
The books are very interesting. They were bought long ago. (WHICH) →   .
Question 12.
The lady gave me good advice. I spoke to her an hour ago. (TO WHOM) →   .
Question 13.
He often tells me about his village. He was born in that place. (WHERE) →   .
Question 14.
This is the book. I'm looking for it. (FOR WHICH) →   .

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