[097] - Trọng tâm kiến thức luyện thi Khối 6 Chuyên - Chuyên đề 13: Exercise 4

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Exercise 4. Fill in the blank with few, a few, little, a little, many, much, many of, much of.

Question 1.
I feel sorry for her. She has      friends.
Question 2.
   the students in my class enjoy taking part in social activities.
Question 3.
I spent      my spare time gardening last year.
Question 4.
There was so      traffic that it took me an hour to get home.
Question 5.
Learning a language needs      patience.
Question 6.
She put so      salt in the soup that she couldn’t have it. It was too salty.
Question 7.
I think      you are very tired after your long journey.
Question 8.
He’s always busy. He has      time to relax.
Question 9.
How      students are there in your class?
Question 10.
How      money have you got?
Question 11.
He doesn’t have so      friends as I think.
Question 12.
There wasn’t      snow last night.
Question 13.
We didn’t take      photographs when we were on holiday.
Question 14.
He made too      mistakes in his writing.
Question 15.
There was very      food at the party but I didn’t eat anything.
Question 16.
With only      hope, Harry didn’t know how to keep going another day.
Question 17.
   the shops in the city center close at 5.We had a boring holiday.

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[097] - Trọng tâm kiến thức luyện thi Khối 6 Chuyên - Chuyên đề 13: Exercise 4

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