[023] - Đề ôn thi then chốt vào các trường chuyên, trường chất lượng cao, trường điểm (Thầy Đại Lợi)

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Circle the word which has underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

Circle the odd one out.

Circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

Question 6. The city is ________ on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Question 7. Kim Tan town is________ busier.
Question 8. Ba is strong enough________ his father with the work on the farm.
Question 9. I am better________ English than Nam.
Question 10. I want to ask my parents________ some money.
Question 11. The Smiths never go out in the evening, ________?
Question 12. What will you do if you ________ the final examinations?
Question 13. I tried my ________ not to laugh, but I couldn’t.
Question 14. You are very different________ your brother.
Question 15. Last week my child ________ to the biggest zoo in town by my wife.
Question 16. His handwriting is terrible. It’s not easy at all ________ what he writes.
Question 17. Are you proud________ your country and its tradition?

Find one mistake A, B, C or D and correct it.

Question 18. He has waited there for a quarter past six.
Question 19. Surface mail is many cheaper than air mail.
Question 20. They do their best to keeping the family happy.

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Most types of paper can be recycled. Newspapers have been recycled profitably for decades and recycling of other paper is growing. It’s important to know what you are buying in a paper product, for that reason virtually all paper products should be marked with the percentage and type of recycled content. Just saying “recycle paper” isn’t enough. “Recycled paper” can mean anything from 100% true recycled paper to 1% re- manufactured ends of large paper rolls. “Post- consumer” means the paper that you and I return to recycling centers.

Question 21.
Can newspapers be recycled? →   .
Question 22.
Why should all paper products be marked with the percentage and type of? →   .
Question 23.
Are all recycled paper products the same? →   .
Question 24.
What does “Post- consumer” mean? →   .
Question 25.
What does “Recycled paper” mean? →   .

Read the passage and choose the correct answer A, C, C or D.

When life changes so fast, the family life will change, too. So what will a family be ___(26)___ after a hundred years? We can’t have the correct answers. Parents will have ___(27)___ babies. They can even choose their child’s hair or eye colour. The mother will be busy but she will get help ___(28)___ some friendly house robots. When the family go out together, they will travel on flying cars. These cars will be much faster and there will be no traffic jams ___(29)___ each flying car can have its own way. There will be love and ___(30)___ between the family members.


Rewrite the sentences starting with the given words.

Question 31.
The weather is too cold for us to go out. → The weather isn’t   .
Question 32.
The film isn’t interesting enough for us to see. → The film is too   .
Question 33.
What’s the height of the Mount Everest? → How   ?
Question 34.
They think that learning English is not easy. → They think that it   .

Reorder the words/ phrases to complete the sentences.

Question 35.
Question 36.
Question 37.
ityour?fromfartopost officehouseHowisthe

Write full sentences using the given words.

Question 38.
Mount Everest/ highest/ mountain/ world. →   .
Question 39.
You/ see/ latest/ Batman film? →   ?

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[023] - Đề ôn thi then chốt vào các trường chuyên, trường chất lượng cao, trường điểm (Thầy Đại Lợi)

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