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Question 1. They are conducting a wide ______ of surveys throughout Viet Nam.
Question 2. "Do you ______ your new roommate, or do you two argue?"
Question 3. The ideas ______ to nothing because I couldn't afford to do it.
Question 4. Why don’t they ______ their attention on scrutinizing the evidence instead of questioning the passers-by?
Question 5. You are not allowed to drive ______ the influence ______ alcohol.
Question 6. The press thought the sale manager would be depressed by his dismissal but he just ______
Question 7. There were a number of strong candidates for the post but Peter's experience ______ the scales in his favor.
Question 8. For a public campaign to succeed, it is important to make ______ of existing social organizations as well as other relations.
Question 9. Sportsmen ______ their political differences on the sports field.
Question 10. The child has no problem reciting the poem; he has ______ it to memory.
Question 11. He has been waiting for this letter for days, and at ______ it has come.
Question 12. Although he is my friend, I find it hard to ______ his selfishness.
Question 13. It's not a pleasant feeling to discover you've been taken for a ______ by a close friend.
Question 14. The world work is developing very quickly. If you don't self-learn continuously, we will not ______ social movements.
Question 15. The scientists introduced new farming methods which resulted in ____crops.
Question 16. I find it difficult to make ______ as prices keep ______
Question 17. My father sometimes ______ the washing up after dinner.
Question 18. The computer has had an enormous ______ on the way we work and enjoy life.
Question 19. Make sure you ______ your assignment before you go to bed.
Question 20. He accused me of standing ______ with my brother to deceive him.

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