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Question 1.
My grandparents live in a (magnificent/ two-storey/ spacious/ old)      house during their lifetime.
Question 2.
My friend and I often go home on (shopping/ new/ narrow/ crowed)      street.
Question 3.
Mikes loves watching (old/ American/ successful)      films in his free time.
Question 4.
The little boy is wearing a (nice/ old/ blue/ big)      pullover.
Question 5.
We bought some (German/ lovely/ old)      glasses.
Question 6.
We usually throw trash into (plastic/ black/ small/ convenient)      bags.
Question 7.
My teacher is a (Japanese/ tall/ kind/ middle-aged)      man, so a lot of students love him.
Question 8.
In the kitchen is a (round/ large/ wooden/ beautiful)      table.
Question 9.
Mrs. Annie looks so graceful because she has (black/ long/ beautiful)      hair.
Question 10.
Her father spent money on (interesting/ Vietnamese/ oil/ old)      paintings.
Question 11.
We are happy today because today is a (memorable/ training/ long)      day.
Question 12.
My sister lives in a (new/ nice/wooden/ black)      house.
Question 13.
She has (blue/ big/ glassy)      eyes, so she is really different from others.
Question 14.
My collogue has a (white/ Korean/ small/ old)      car.
Question 15.
She has a (pretty/ happy/ oval)      face, so she is quite beautiful.
Question 16.
My mother often wears a pair of (small/ comfortable/ black/ leather/ Chinese)      gloves when she washes the dishes.
Question 17.
My friend bought a (brown/ nice/ leather/ Channel)      belt from a shop on Tran Phu street.
Question 18.
The flower girl wore a (silk /pretty /white)      dress at the wedding ceremony last night
Question 19.
My father wore a (cotton/ white/ new/ collarless)      shirt to my cousin's wedding.

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