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Question 1. He knows where the boy was hiding but he didn't let ______
Question 2. If I had not held him ______ , he would have beaten you soundly.
Question 3. It seems that the rain is letting ______
Question 4. The passengers had to wait because the plane_____off one hour late.
Question 5. What may happen if John will not arrive in time?
Question 6. He promised to deliver the stuff today and has let us ______ again.
Question 7. Because of heavy rain, the game was ______ for a few days.
Question 8. The traffic was held ______ by fog.
Question 9. I would have been here sooner but the rain kept me ______
Question 10. I do not use those things any more. You can ______ them away.
Question 11. Keep children ______ from the fire.
Question 12. Please let me ______ I promise not to do it again.
Question 13. Because of the heavy rain, today the meeting will be held ______ until next week.
Question 14. Johnny sometimes visits his grandparents in the countryside.
Question 15. He promised to keep ______ us while he was abroad.
Question 16. At the station, we often see the sign " _____for pickpockets".
Question 17. It is the most important to keep ______ your neighbors.
Question 18. I took ______ him at once, and we have been friends over since.
Question 19. "To give someone a ring" is to ______
Question 20. He ______ on many subjects at the meeting.

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