MODULE 24: IDIOMS (Exercise 1)

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Question 1. John: "Oh, I forgot my girlfriend's birthday last week." - Anne: “ ______ ”
Question 2. You never really know where you are with her as she just blows hot and cold.
Question 3. What I've got to say to you now is strictly ______ the record and most certainly not for publication, said the government official to the reporter.
Question 4. I've never really enjoyed going to the ballet or the opera; they're not really my ______
Question 5. I can't give you the answer on the ______ ; I'll have to think about it for a few days.
Question 6. Someone is going to have to take responsibility for this disaster. Who is going to ______ ?
Question 7. The children were full of beans today, looking forward to their field trip.
Question 8. Jose had a hard time comparing the iPhone to the Samsung phone because to him they were apples and oranges.
Question 9. Unfortunately, the injury may keep him out of football ______ . He may never play again.
Question 10. Sometimes in a bad situation, there may still be some good things. Try not to "throw out the ______ with the bathwater".
Question 11. I tried to talk to her, but she was as high as a ______
Question 12. By appearing on the soap powder commercials, she became a ______ name.
Question 13. Thomas knows Paris like the back of his ______ . He used to be a taxi driver there for 2 years.
Question 14. I'll have to go to the funeral of Ms. Jane, a ______ of mine.
Question 15. We're over the ______ ! Who wouldn't be? We've just won £1 million!
Question 16. Josh may get into hot water when driving at full speed after drinking.
Question 17. Hearing about people who mistreat animals makes me go hot under the ______
Question 18. There's a list of repairs as long as ______
Question 19. I am sure your sister will lend you a sympathetic ______ when you explain the situation to her.
Question 20. "Edwards seems like a dog with two tails this morning." - "Haven't vou hear the news? His wife gave birth a baby boy early this morning."
Question 21. When the kids asked him about his girlfriend, he'd go as red as a ______
Question 22. Peter is the black sheep of the family, so he is never welcomed there.
Question 23. When his parents are away, his oldest brother ______
Question 24. I know you are upset about breaking up with Tom, but there are plenty more ______
Question 25. You have to be on your toes if you want to beat her.

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MODULE 24: IDIOMS (Exercise 1)

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