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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others by circling the corresponding letter A or B, C, D.

Question 1.
Question 2.
Question 3.
Question 4.
Question 5.
Question 6.
Question 7.
Question 8.
Question 9.
Question 10.

II. Choose the best answer by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

Question 11. We always need more players. Why don’t you come ………………?
Question 12. Will you be home …………..dinner tonight?
Question 13. Giving a book report before the class is an interesting …………………..
Question 14. Do you go out ………..?
Question 15. …………….lives in a very big house
Question 16. On Sunday mornings I stay in bed …………..8 o’clock.
Question 17. I often ……………in winter.
Question 18. Some young peole are working ……………hospital volunteers.
Question 19. We shouldn’t cross the street outside the …………….
Question 20. They …………..healthy after the summer vacation.
Question 21. They meet their friends and …………some fun.
Question 22. Yo should pay more …………….in class.
Question 23. He and his friends usually get ……… and talk about their stamps.
Question 24. He likes stamps. He is a stamp …………..
Question 25. Some students say they are …………have no time for pastime.
Question 26. It’s difficult to cross this street because there is too much ………..
Question 27. There aren’t any good movies …………..at the moment.
Question 28. Sorry I can’t come but thanks ………….
Question 29. Look at ………..girl over there.
Question 30. Would you like to come to my house for lunch?

III. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets to complete the following sentences.

Question 31.
No one enjoy (go)      to hospital.
Question 32.
What are you (do)      at the moment?
Question 33.
- I (watch)      T.V.
Question 34.
We (be)      students in four years.
Question 35.
A new school (build)      near our school now.
Question 36.
You (be)      angry if he refuses to help you.
Question 37.
I will send him the message as soon as he (return)   .
Question 38.
A little girl can’t spend all her time (listen)      to stories.
Question 39.
He sent a telegram for his mother (learn)      good news.
Question 40.
Where are you? I am upstairs. I (have)      a bath.

IV. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word given in capital:

Question 41.
My father has a      computer. He often brings it with him when he’s away on business. (PORT)
Question 42.
We must remember to eat   . (SENSE)
Question 43.
The room will look brighter if there is a      on the wall. (PAINT)
Question 44.
Some of the children      boys, play marbles when there is a break. (MAIN)
Question 45.
You shouldn’t eat      food. (HEALTH)
Question 46.
We mustn’t be      when we cross busy streets. (CARE)
Question 47.
She often feels      when she gets bad marks. (HAPPY)
Question 48.
There are about 200      in this company. (EMPLOY)
Question 49.
Mai is      at math than me. (GOOD)
Question 50.
This lovely apartment has two bedrooms and it is   . (FURNISH)

V. There is one mistake in each of the following sentence. Find it.

Question 51.
Tim is at the same age as Hoa.   .
Question 52.
At recess, the students practice to play basketball.   .
Question 53.
Do you know how much a banana cost?   .
Question 54.
The tacher says Ba will be a famous artist in one day.   .
Question 55.
Some boys are playing marble in the school yard at recess.   .
Question 56.
Some students are playing games as blind man’s buff and catch.   .
Question 57.
Mai learns how to use a computer in her scientific class.   .
Question 58.
I’d love coming to your birthday but I’m much too busy.   .
Question 59.
There are less TV programs for teenagers than there are for adults.   .
Question 60.
People are living longer so there are more and more many old people.   .

VII. Choose one suitable word to complete the following passage.

I only have Sunday (1)………… so I have very little free time. Sunday is a wonderful day for me to (2)……….time with my friends and family. One of the (3)……….I really enjoy doing on Sunday morning is to go (4) ………….with my friends, although I am not always successful in catching fish. It is a time to relax and talk about the previous week’s events and future plans. I usually go (5)……..late in the afternoon. My family sometimes (6)……………..other relatives on Sunday evening at a karaoke restaurant and we all have a good time together. It is especially fun (7)……..my father gets up to sing. Please don’t tell him I said this, but he is a very bad (8)……..! Once in a while I go to the (9)……………with my friends or my brother. Sometimes, I just stay at home, listening to music, (10)……………videos or reading novels.

Join; things; fishing; Off; spend; singer; when; watching; movies; home
Question 61.
Question 62.
Question 63.
Question 64.
Question 65.
Question 66.
Question 67.
Question 68.
Question 69.
Question 70.

VIII. Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word.

Tokyo, which is the (1) … city of Japan, is one of the three (2) … cities in the world. (3) … the twelfth century, Japan’s capital was an island city named Kyoto. Six hundred years later, many people (4) … Kyoto moved east to a city called Yedo, renamed it Tokyo, and (5) … this city the capital of all Japan, which is still is. Today, Tokyo is a (6) … place. It (7) … a center for business and education. It is also a center for religion. In (8) … Tokyo university, the beautiful grounds of the Imperial Palace, the famous Imperial Hotel built (9) … 1920 by a noted American, Frank Lloyd Wright, and many fine shops, stores, theaters, and (10) … places can be found in this capital.

Question 71.
Question 72.
Question 73.
Question 74.
Question 75.
Question 76.
Question 77.
Question 78.
Question 79.
Question 80.

IX. Use given words to rewrite the second sentence that the meaning not change:

Question 81.
What a luxurious car! How   !
Question 82.
It takes me an hour to do my homework every evening. I spend   .
Question 83.
No one can run faster than me. I am   .
Question 84.
Is there a library at your school? Does   ?
Question 85.
How old are you? What   ?
Question 86.
Shall I bring you a cup of tea? Would   ?
Question 87.
My sister is more hard-working than me. I don’t   ?
Question 88.
Do you have a better refrigerator than this? Is this   ?
Question 89.
Finding an apartment in a big city is not easy. It is   .
Question 90.
February often has 28 days. There   .
Question 91.
You shouldn’t eat too much meat. You’d   .
Question 92.
Because of the bad weather, we had to stop our picnic. The bad weather prevented   .
Question 93.
Miss Lan runs fast. Miss Lan is   .
Question 94.
One of the greatest football player is Zidane. Zidane is among   .
Question 95.
Our summer vacation lasts two months. We have a   .

X. Rearrange the words in correct sentences

Question 96.
Question 97.
Question 98.
Question 99.
Question 100.

XI. Rearrange these statements to make a meaningful dialoguage. The first one has been done for you:

A. Nam : Not yet. They are going to built some tennis courts next year.
B. Viet : Oh, that’s good because I’m still 14.
C. Nam : Not really, Viet. It’s 50,000 dong a month if you’re 15 to 18, and 30,000 dong if you are under 15.
D. Nam : Hello, Viet. Do you hear about the new sports centre?
E. Viet : OK. Any day except Thursday.
F. Nam : On Thang Long Road. You know near Xuan Thuy Street, behind the station.
G. Viet : What about tennis?
H. Nam : I got the number 16 bus. It’s only 10 minutes from the bus station. Do you want to go next week?
I. Viet : Yes, OK. Let’s meet after school.
J. Nam : And on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday it stays open late – till 10 o’clock.
K. Viet : Oh. Is it good?
L. Nam : Yes, it’s great! You can do a lot of sports. I played table tennis courts next year.
M. Viet : No, Nam. Where is it?
N. Nam : Well, why don’t you go on Friday? Then we can stay late.
O. Viet : Oh, great. How did you get there?
P. Viet : Is it expensive?

Question 101.
Question 102.
Question 103.
Question 104.
Question 105.
Question 106.
Question 107.
Question 108.
Question 109.
Question 110.
Question 111.
Question 112.
Question 113.
Question 114.
Question 115.
Question 116.

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