Tiếng Anh 8-Unit 5

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I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.

Question 1.
Question 2.
Question 3.
Question 4.
Question 5.

II. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

Question 6. The ‘wai’ is the traditional __________ of people in Thailand.
Question 7. When two Maori people meet, they __________ each other’s noses.
Question 8. Do you know the __________ way to welcome people in Tibet?
Question 9. The ‘xoe’ dance is a spiritual __________ of Thai ethnic people.
Question 10. In Viet Nam you shouldn’t use only the first name to __________ people older than you.
Question 11. We are going to prepare __________ sticky rice served with grilled chicken for the celebration.
Question 12. A tradition is something special that is __________ through the generations.
Question 13. The village festival helps to strengthen our community __________.
Question 14. We have to __________ our shoes when we go inside a pagoda.
Question 15. In Australia, you shouldn’t __________ on a person’s accent.

III. Fill in each blank of the passage with the correct word below.

Thai New Year (Songkran Festival)
The traditional Thai New Year is celebrated in April each year. Thailand adopted this 16 __________ with the belief that the sun re-entered Aries and finished its orbit round the earth on April 13. In Thailand, this 17 __________ is celebrated for three days from April 13 to April 15. Before the 18 __________, people will clean their houses in the hope of casting away any bad luck of the old year, so that good 19 __________ will enter their new lives instead. Food and sweets will be prepared in advance for merit making and for treating guests.
The Songkran celebrations will begin with food 20 __________ to the monks who will walk along the streets in the early morning to receive food and other offerings. One of the most popular 21 __________ for young people is to convey their best 22 __________ to their elders by pouring water onto them or their palms. After this, it is time for children and young people to have full 23 __________ with water-throwing, dancing and folk games. Do not expect to escape the 24 __________ activities, these take place on every street in Thailand. They can be a welcome break to the 25 __________ of the dry season, but if you wish to stay dry it is best to stay indoors!
activities presentation water-throwing tradition celebrations
festival enjoyment heat wishes fortune

Question 16.
Question 17.
Question 18.
Question 19.
Question 20.
Question 21.
Question 22.
Question 23.
Question 24.
Question 25.

IV. Complete the gaps in the following short exchanges with a, an, the or ʘ (no article).

Question 26.
Where did you have      lunch?
Question 27.
We went to      restaurant.
Question 28.
Did you have      nice holiday?
Question 29.
Yes, it was      best holiday I’ve ever had.
Question 30.
Do you go to      cinema very often?
Question 31.
No, not very often. But I watch a lot of films on      television.
Question 32.
It was      nice day, wasn’t it?
Question 33.
Yes, it was beautiful. We went for a walk by      sea.
Question 34.
Can you tell me where   Room 205 is, please?
Question 35.
It’s on    second floor.

V. Complete the sentences with the words below and add a, an, the or ʘ (no article).

January doctor weather Viet Nam architect
camera right elephants noise sun

Question 36.
My house is on   of the road.
Question 37.
It’s so cold in Canada. They really hate   .
Question 38.
During their safari in Namibia they saw a lot of   .
Question 39.
He loved buildings and wanted to be   .
Question 40.
I bought a camera and a bag. Then we went travelling and I dropped and broke   .
Question 41.
When my dad was twenty, he travelled around   .
Question 42.
He’s working in December, but he’ll be on holiday in   .
Question 43.
Let me see the sick man! I can help. I’m   .
Question 44.
We didn’t have a map to guide us, so we used   .
Question 45.
I heard a small noise. After a while,      got louder.

VI. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Khau Vai Love Market Festival - Beauty of Love
Khau Vai Commune, located in Meo Vac District, is 41 __________ to ethnic minority groups of Giay, Nung and Muong. The love market festival is held 42 __________ Lunar March 26th and 27th with the participation of a large number of local people. The festival features food and drink culture, song 43 __________ and folk games. Ethnic 44 __________, jewelry, ethnic musical instruments, culture and art publications are 45 __________ at the market, reflecting activities of the local people.
The story concerns two temples in the area of Khau Vai Market. Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl born from two different places of the Dong Van Plateau. Since forbidden to get married 46 __________ the two families, they decided 47 __________ home to come and settle down together in Khau Vai, a prosperous land with green plants.
Since then, on every Lunar March 27th, Khau Vai has attracted couples of different ages, including those who seek 48 __________ for the first time.49 __________, most of them are those who love each other very much but cannot marry 50 __________ different reasons.

Question 46.
Question 47.
Question 48.
Question 49.
Question 50.
Question 51.
Question 52.
Question 53.
Question 54.
Question 55.

VII. Read the articles about the two famous festivals in Viet Nam, and then decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).

Nha Trang Sea Festival
Nha Trang Sea Festival takes place every two years for a week in around June in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province. This is a colorful and dynamic sea festival which honors natural beauty of Nha Trang – the charming city overlooking the sea. The first Nha Trang Sea Festival was held in 2003 when Nha Trang Beach was proclaimed as a member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club. Coming to Nha Trang at the time of festival, visitors will be able to take part in various cultural and recreational events. First of all is an abundant opening ceremony by Vietnamese and international art groups. Besides, many interesting activities also take place during the festival like seafood competition, wine festival, beach volleyball, art kite flying festival, underwater group wedding, etC. The festival is also a great chance for tourists to know more about Viet Nam through special events. Nha Trang Sea Festival will definitely give you an unforgettable impression about Viet Nam’s charming beauty as well as time-honored traditional values.
Ha Long Carnival
The festival is attended by thousands of actors, dancers, singers, musicians as well as students. Most of them are the local residents of Ha Long Bay. The highlight of Ha Long Carnival is street parades with variety of colorful costumes and dance on wide streets along the coast. Moreover, a laser, sound and water performance combining with a sparkling aerial firework show is an amazing party of light and colour which tourists shouldn’t miss at the festival. Ha Long Carnival is the heart of the series of events within the schedule of Ha Long Tourism Week - a tourism promotional celebration which has been held yearly for six years. It’s usually taken place in a week in late-April to early-May. On the occasion of the 6th celebration in 2012, Ha Long Bay was officially recognized as one of New 7 Wonders of Nature of the world by the New 7 Wonder Organization.

Question 56.
Both festivals are held yearly at the two famous sea cities in Viet Nam.     
Question 57.
Coming to the two festivals, visitors can take part in various cultural and recreational events.  
Question 58.
Only professional actors or actresses can take part in Ha Long Carnival.     
Question 59.
Nha Trang and Ha Long are internationally well known for their natural beauty.     
Question 60.
Ha Long Carnival is held in a week (late-April to early-May), and Nha Trang Sea Festival in June.  
Question 61.
Weddings can be held in both festivals.     
Question 62.
Ha Long Carnival is older than Nha Trang Sea Festival.     
Question 63.
There are several sports events held in both festivals.     
Question 64.
Both festivals have the same purpose of promoting tourism.     
Question 65.
Ha Long Bay was officially recognized as one of New 7 Wonders of Nature of the world on its first celebration.     

Task 2. Read the passage again, and then decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).

Question 66.
People in China and Arab countries seem to be more careful when greeting people for the first time or the opposite sex     
Question 67.
Shaking hands is the most popular greeting in Britain.     
Question 68.
Kissing is considered a popular way of greetings in France, Hungary,and Belgium  
Question 69.
In Russia, you should shake hands with your friend but never look into his/her eyes  
Question 70.
In Hungary, the most common greeting way is kissing and you should pay attention to the order.     

VIII. Read the passage about different customs for greetings around the world, and do the tasks that follow.

Greeting Customs Around the World
It is normal for men to shake hands when they meet, but it is quite unusual for men to kiss when they greet each other. Greetings are casual - a handshake, a smile and a ‘hello’ will do just fine.
The British often simply say ‘hello’ when they meet friends. They usually shake hands only when they meet for the first time. Social kissing is common in an informal situation between men and women and also between women who know each other very well.
The French, including children, shake hands with their friends and often kiss them on both cheeks, both upon meeting and leaving.
Arab countries
In Arab countries, close male friends or colleagues hug and kiss both cheeks. They shake hands with the right hand only, for longer but less firmly than in the West. Contact between the opposite genders in public is considered obscene. Do not offer to shake hands with the opposite sex.
Hungarians like to use the friendly greeting form of kissing each other on the cheeks. The most common way is to kiss from your right to your left. When men meet for the first time, the casual greeting is a firm handshake.
People kiss on one cheek when they meet, regardless of the gender or how well they know each other.
Chinese people tend to be more conservative. When meeting someone for the first time, they would usually nod their heads and smile, or shake hands if in a formal situation.
The typical greeting is a very firm handshake while maintaining direct eye contact. When men shake hands with women, the handshake is not firm. It is considered gallant to kiss women three times while alternating cheeks, and even to kiss hands.
Task 1. Match each word in column A with its definition in column B, writing the answer in each blank. (B)
A. not liking change, traditional
B. happening one after the other
C. looking directly at each other
D. to put your arms around somebody to show that you love or like him / her
E. shocking and annoying

Question 71.
Question 72.
Question 73.
Question 74.
eye contact     
Question 75.

IX. Complete the dialogue with the responses below. There is one extra that you do not need.

A. It was the Christmas dinner party on Christmas Eve at our grandparents’ house last year.
B. It was a wonderful event, so the memories are still lively in my mind.
C. We put up the Christmas tree and decorations. We also prepared presents for all family members. We had a special big dinner and then we got nice presents.
D. We said that we would gather again next Christmas, and maintained it as our annual family event.
E. It was the Christmas party last year.
F. All of my relatives gathered at my grandparents’ two days before Christmas Day. It was a family reunion. Some of us only saw each other on this occasion.

Question 76.
Nick: What was the most memorable event to you?/Phong:  
Question 77.
Nick: When and where did it happen?/Phong:  
Question 78.
Nick: Who joined with you?/  
Question 79.
Nick: What did you do at that event?/Phong:  
Question 80.
Nick: Why was it a memorable event?/  

X. Write an email to advise your pen friend about participating in the Hoi An Lantern Festival, using the cues given.

Dear Jack,
I hear you would like to participate in the Hoi An Lantern Festival, and I want to give you some pieces of advice for you to consider...........................................................
Best wishes

Question 81.
Question 82.
Question 83.
Question 84.
Question 85.
Question 86.
Question 87.
Question 88.
Question 89.

My name: Chưa đặt tên

[Not you?]

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