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Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc

Question 1.
A strange man (watch)      coming into your house at the time.
Question 2.
It's impossible (rebuild)      the school.
Question 3.
The telephones (invent)      by Alexander Graham Bell.
Question 4.
They suggested that the test (make)      easier.
Question 5.
Today, many serious childhood diseases (can prevent)      by early immunization.
Question 6.
The parcel is supposed (deliver)      this evening.
Question 7.
I don't appreciate (interrupt)      when I'm speaking.
Question 8.
The preparation (finish)      by the time the guests arrived.
Question 9.
She expects (promote)      soon, but things seem to go wrong.
Question 10.
I wish traffic regulation (obey)     
Question 11.
Lots of houses (destroy)      by the earthquake last week.
Question 12.
We (wake)      by a loud noise last night.
Question 13.
The children agreed (divide)      the candy equally.
Question 14.
I don't enjoy (laugh)      at by other people.
Question 15.
The man is rumored (steal)      money from the bank 2 days ago.
Question 16.
I expected (invite)      to the party, but I wasn't.
Question 17.
The man was heard (say)      goodbye to the host in Chinese.
Question 18.
The children were made (go)      to bed at 10:00 pm.
Question 19.
Trees (plan)      since it stopped raining.
Question 20.
Let your book (open)     
Question 21.
The house (build)      two years ago.
Question 22.
Gold (discover)      in California in the 19th century.
Question 23.
He had the chair (mend)      by the neighbors.
Question 24.
It (think)      that she will win the contest.
Question 25.
We can't go along here because the road (repair)      now.

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