[038] - Trọng tâm kiến thức luyện thi Khối 6 Chuyên - Chuyên đề 4: Exercise 11

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Exercise 11. Choose the best option to complete the sentence.

Question 1. ________ the time passes, ________ I feel ! The deadline of my thesis is coming, but I have just finished half of it.
Question 2. She sat there quietly, but during all that time she was getting ________ Finally she exploded.
Question 3. The larger the apartment, the ________ the rent.
Question 4. ________ you study for these exams, ________ you will do.
Question 5. She plays the piano ________ as she sings.
Question 6. China is the country with ________ population.
Question 7. The streets are getting more and ________ these days.
Question 8. “ Why did you buy these oranges? ” “They were ________ I could find. ”
Question 9. It’s too noisy here. Can we go somewhere ________?
Question 10. My brother was feeling tired last night, so he went to bed ________ usual.
Question 11. Her grandfather’s illness was ________ we thought at first.
Question 12. For ________, it is certain that in the future some things will be very different.
Question 13. The faster we walk, ________ we will get there.
Question 14. Pil is ________ person we know.
Question 15. Of the four dresses, which is ________ expensive?
Question 16. Which woman are you going to vote for? –I’m not sure. Everyone says that Joan is ________
Question 17. Bill is ________
Question 18. The larger the city, ________ the crime rate.
Question 19. His house is ________ mine.
Question 20. You must explain your problems ________.

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[038] - Trọng tâm kiến thức luyện thi Khối 6 Chuyên - Chuyên đề 4: Exercise 11

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