Đề ôn thi vào lớp 6 Chuyên Trường THCS Ngoại Ngữ (UMS) - Môn Tiếng anh Đại Lợi - ĐỀ SỐ 2

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Thầy Đại Lợi - Tác giả và Thủ khoa ĐHSPHN - Chuyên gia luyện thi CLC lớp 6, 10, THPTQG
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Part 7. In about 80-100 words, you can write about your interesting travel.
Làm bài online: https://yourhomework.net/quiz/test/
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Part 1. Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines.

Question 1.
Having little fat on the body →     
Question 2.
Small raised red spot on the face →     
Question 3.
A small, pale brown spot on the skin, usually on the face, especially of a person with pale skin →     
Question 4.
Having little or no hair in the head →     
Question 5.
How tall a person is →     
Question 6.
A small line in the skin caused by old age →     

Part 2. Choose the best correct answer to complete the sentence.

Question 7. Please ask them .......................in this area.
Question 8. - "Who sings best in your school?" - "Minh............."
Question 9. Television..................very popular since the 1950s.
Question 10. Lomonosov was not....................a great scientist but also a very talented poem.
Question 11. Let's go to the museum, ................?
Question 12. Drinking and smoking will do great harm..............people's health.
Question 13. Students are looking forward to................on holiday.
Question 14. He though much of his childhood.............. he lived with his family in the country.
Question 15. His grandfather died.......................the age of 90.
Question 16. It is the largest ship I...............

Part 3. Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write letter A-H for each answer.

Nam: ___(17)___ ?
Ngoc: Let‘s see. Three lessons. I have Maths, PE and Vietnamese. What about you?
Nam: I have English, IT and Science. Do you like IT?
Ngoc: Well. I think it is too difficult. ___(18)___.
Nam: How often do you have it?
Ngoc: ___(19)___. It is terrible.
Nam: Don‘t worry. I can help you. ___(20)___.
Ngoc: Really? You are so kind. Thank you.
Nam: You‘re welcome. So ___(21)___ ?
Ngoc: I like English. It is interesting.
Nam: I don‘t think so. English is too difficult. ___(22)___ ?
Ngoc: Sure.

A. So I don't like it much
B. How many lessons do you have today, Nam
C. Can you help me with it
D. I have twice a week
E. what subject do you like
F. I am good at IT
G. So I like it very much
H. What subjects do you like?

Question 17.
Question 18.
Question 19.
Question 20.
Question 21.
Question 22.

Part 4. Read and choose a word from the box. Write the correct word

English is a ___(23)___ subject. It is not my favourite ___(24)___. I have problems in ___(25)___. Can you tell me how to solve it?
My favourite subject is ___(26)___. I want to know about animals and ___(27)___. I like watching environmental programmes on VTV3. They are very ___(28)___.

Question 23.
Question 24.
Question 25.
Question 26.
Question 27.
Question 28.

Part 5. Read the passage and answer the following questions by choosing A, B, C or D

"Let's have a picnic lunch in the countryside." This is easy to say nice to think about. You imagine a beautiful green field with a big tree in the middle which gives some shade from the sun. All around is lovely scenery and in the distance you can see the cows quietly eating the grass. After a meal of delicious sandwiches and raw fruit you can imagine lying in the warm sun then as darkness comes.
You strap up your basket and drive happily home.
But it doesn't always happen like this. You must not forget that flies also like raw food, that green fields are sometimes damp fields, that rain may follow the sun that peaceful cows may be unfriendly bull.

Question 29. What is easy to say and nice to think about?
Question 30. Where, in your imagine, is the big tree?
Question 31. What can you imagine doing after meal?
Question 32. What also likes raw fruit?
Question 33. What may follow the sun?

Part 6 .Rewrite each sentence so that the meaning stays the same.

Question 34.
Why isn't this TV working? → What happened   ?
Question 35.
I last wore that shirt in May. → I haven't   .
Question 36.
Travelling by air is much more expensive than travelling by train. → Travelling by train   .
Question 37.
We can't afford to buy this car. → The car   .
Question 38.
When is John and Mary's wedding? → When are   ?
Question 39.
We have met each other for ages. → It's   .

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