25 câu hỏi TỪ VỰNG TRỌNG ĐIỂM - Ôn thi Giữa Học kỳ 1, Tiếng Anh lớp 12

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Question 1. His speech ______ them to discover their own musical abilities and gave them courage to use these in their work.
Question 2. The driver had to ______ _ his leg below the knee as a result of a terrible accident on the road last week.
Question 3. The building is now unoccupied, and all radioactive or ______ materials have been removed.
Question 4. Although Kenny was not a professional politician, his views were ______ in shaping the government policy.
Question 5. It was hard to follow what the teacher was saying, and eventually I lost ______.
Question 6. Workers from rural areas move to big cities in ______ of fortune.
Question 7. I hope all parties will work together in a(n) ______ and responsible manner to solve the main problem facing this nation.
Question 8. Special education programs are having a huge ______ _ on the way schools, educators, and library media programs do their work.
Question 9. When he died, he left the land to the Palace Company – a(n) ______ _ institution for residents of East London.
Question 10. Sam ______ his supply of wood and flour in preparation for the coming winter.
Question 11. All the residents have ______ to continue the protest until the prime minster is released.
Question 12. Bob has agreed to serve as a co-chairman with Jack at a summer camp in London to encourage volunteers to help the ______.
Question 13. Because of the attack, the hotel was completely destroyed, and 3000 workers were left ______ .
Question 14. Our group has been actively working on the ______ of the local environment.
Question 15. All the names in the book have been changed to ______ the victim’s anonymity.
Question 16. The doctor advised Maria to take this medicine to ______ her lower back pain.
Question 17. Shella ______ her history to her best friends because she thought it was important to better understand each other.
Question 18. At first the politicians did ______ slightly, but normal confidence was quickly restored.
Question 19. It is in south Texas that the destruction of the bird’s ______ has been most alarming.
Question 20. The new football club has ______ its membership in the last five year.
Question 21. When Jane held the party, people went in and out of her house in a(n) ______ procession.
Question 22. This book is lively, ______ and represents a useful contribution to the literature in the subject.
Question 23. A large international meeting was held with the aim of promoting ______ development in all countries.
Question 24. Although Helen was quite young, she showed a lot of ______ and was promoted to manager after a year.
Question 25. Many companies limit personal downloads so that they don’t ______ the computer system.

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25 câu hỏi TỪ VỰNG TRỌNG ĐIỂM - Ôn thi Giữa Học kỳ 1, Tiếng Anh lớp 12

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