MODULE 20: INVERSION (Exercise 4)

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Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc ở các dạng đảo ngữ

Question 1.
They (live)      in Australia now, they would go swimming.
Question 2.
Only by working hard he (manage)      to pass the exam.
Question 3.
Only by (operate)      immediately can you save your eyesight.
Question 4.
Bob (not interfere)      in his sister' marital problems, there wouldn't have been peace between them.
Question 5.
Rarely she (travel)      more than fifty miles from her village.
Question 6.
You (come)      early, we'll start.
Question 7.
Hardly the doctor (fall)      asleep when the telephone woke him up.
Question 8.
Only when they told me about it I (realize)      what I had missed.
Question 9.
Not only they (buy)      the house but also the car last year.
Question 10.
Only later the facts all (make)      public.
Question 11.
Not until the bell rang he (finish)      his work.
Question 12.
Only if everybody agreed I (accept)      this position.
Question 13.
Only after a new pay offer the workers (call)      off the strike.
Question 14.
Never in my life I (see)      such a mess.
Question 15.
No sooner he (return)      from his walk than he got down to writing the letter.

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MODULE 20: INVERSION (Exercise 4)

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