Tiếng Anh 8-Unit 11

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I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.

Question 1.
Question 2.
Question 3.
Question 4.
Question 5.

II. Find one word that does not belong to each group.

Question 6.
Question 7.
Question 8.
Question 9.
Question 10.

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

Question 11. Scientists are __________ experiments to test the effectiveness of the new medicine.
Question 12. Face __________ is everywhere from social media tagging to airport security cameras.
Question 13. __________ rooms allow you to divide your online meeting into as many as 50 separate sessions.
Question 14. I usually have __________ lenses, but I sometimes wear glasses when my eyes are tired.
Question 15. All hand luggage has to be __________ at the airport security.
Question 16. The study will be __________ over a six-month period.
Question 17. An MRI __________ makes images of the brain, spinal cord and other organs.
Question 18. The problem can be solved by using __________ teachers because they can teach anywhere and won’t get stressed or tired.
Question 19. In 1989, Honda __________ the robot Asimo to work as a bartender.
Question 20. We can only find the best solution by __________.

IV. Complete the text with the words below. There are three extra words that you do not need.

information prints voice fingerprint
pattern keys thumb convenience
What is Biometric Authentication?
You need to open the door of your house, but you do not use a key. Instead, you just place your21 ______________ on a small machine on the wall and click - the door opens. The machine scans your 22 ______________, then it matches your print with the one it has stored before. Once the23 ______________ match, the door unlocks. Above is a perfect example of biometric authentication. Biometric authentication identifies who you are rather than what you have. The technology uses fingerprints, facial features or retina 24 ______________. People can also be verified based on their behavioral characteristics, like their 25 ______________, the way they walk, their gestures or even their typing speed.

Question 21.
Question 22.
Question 23.
Question 24.
Question 25.

V. Use the correct form of the words given to complete the sentences.

Due to the ________in the science and technology, impossible things have become possible. (develop)
Robots increase worker _________by preventing accidents since humans are not performing ______________ jobs. (safe - risk)
One disadvantage of robots is its high cost for the ______________. (produce)
There is no ______________ reason why Japan will not be able to make progress in robotics. (technology)
The key to YouTube’s success is the ______________ for anyone from anywhere in the world to broadcast themselves for free. (able)

Question 26.
Question 27.
Question 28.
Question 29.
Question 30.

VI. Read the dialogue. Then complete the reported statements and requests.

Tom: 31 I’m worried about my job. 32 I’ve made a big mistake.
Bob: 33 I don’t think you need to worry. 34 Everybody makes mistakes sometimes.
Tom: 35 They won’t want me to work there.
Bob: 36 Don’t say things like that. 37 It can’t be that bad.
Tom: 38 You don’t understand! I did something wrong and I’ve kept quiet about it.
Bob: 39 You’ll tell them the truth on Monday. 40 Our boss has to give you another chance.

Question 31.
Tom said     
Question 32.
He told Bob (that)     
Question 33.
Question 34.
He said that     
Question 35.
Tom said that     
Question 36.
Bob told him     
Question 37.
He said     
Question 38.
Tom said that Bob     
Question 39.
Bob told Tom     
Question 40.
He said     

VII. Change the following sentences into reported speech, using the words given in brackets.

41. ‘We are learning more about our universe.’ (Our teacher said)
42. ‘Scientists have made various applications in long range communication.’ (Dr. Nelson said)
43. ‘Science is a good and useful to develop country’ (Our Chemistry teacher told us)
44. ‘Space tourism will broaden our knowledge of space.’ (Our headmaster said)
45. ‘ In Paris in 1946, Uncle Ho attracted several Vietnamese scientists to return to the country.’ (Our History teacher told us)

Question 41.
Our teacher said that     
Question 42.
Dr. Nelson said that     
Question 43.
Our Chemistry teacher told us that     
Question 44.
Our headmaster said that     
Question 45.
Our History teacher told us that     

VIII. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Computers are helpful 46 ______________ many ways. First, they are fast. They can work with information even 47 ______________ quickly than a person. Second, computers can work with a lot of information at the same time. Third, they can 48 ______________ information for a long time. They do not forget things that the common people do. 49 ______________, computers are almost always correct. They are not perfect, but they usually do not 50 ______________ mistakes.
Recently, it is important 51 ______________ about computers. There are a number of things to learn. Some companies have 52 ______________ at work. In addition, most universities 53 ______________ day and night courses in Computer Science. Another way to learn is from a book, or from a friend. After a few hours of practice, you can 54 ______________ with computers. You may not be an expert, but you can have 55 ______________.

Question 46.
Question 47.
Question 48.
Question 49.
Question 50.
Question 51.
Question 52.
Question 53.
Question 54.
Question 55.

IX. Read the article and then decide whether the statements are true (T), false (F) or not mentioned (NM).

Global Positioning Systems
If you’ve ever said. “I wish I knew where I was going” or “If only there were some ways to find this address,” then it may be time to consider buying yourself a Global Positioning Systems, or GPS.
Let’s look at some of the uses of GPS devices. Maybe you travel a lot by car and cannot look at a paper map to find your way around. There is a GPS for cars that speaks to you and tells you exactly how to get to your destination. Maybe you’re a golfer who has lost his golf ball and you need to find it on the field. There’s a GPS for this. You’re a runner and want to track your speed, distance, and the courses you run. Well, there’s a GPS for this, too.
What kinds of GPS devices are there? Well, GPS devices come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and are available in a variety of prices. Some are small and can fit into a pocket, and others are waterproof. And for people who don’t like to carry anything extra with them, GPS systems are also available on smart phones.

Question 56.
GPS is used to find out where you are going.     
Question 57.
GPS cannot replace a paper map.     
Question 58.
GPS can tell you how to get to a place while you are driving.     
Question 59.
A GPS device depends on weather conditions.     
Question 60.
A GPS device can look for a small moving item.     
Question 61.
A GPS device can track your speed, distance but not the directions you run.     
Question 62.
A GPS device can tell you how fit you are while you are running.     
Question 63.
GPS devices can be in all kinds of shapes and sizes.     
Question 64.
You cannot use a GPS device in water.     
Question 65.
There are also GPS devices for smart phones.     

X. Read the text, and choose the correct answers.

Jane: “I want to design AR video games. I really enjoy these games. They use real-world environments. The games add fun digital elements to the environment with a smartphone or tablet. For example, you could be looking at your room through your smart camera. But maybe the game will place a monster in the room with you! Some AR video games encourage players to walk around their neighborhood. Players can get some good exercise by playing these kinds of games. These kinds of games might even help people to be healthier.”

Question 66. What type of games does Jane like?
Question 67. How do people play these games?
Question 68. What will the game maybe place in the room with you?
Question 69. What do some AR games encourage players to do?
Question 70. What do some players probably get when playing AR games?

XI. Match the responses to the questions and practise the dialogue with your partner.

There is one extra response that you do not need.
A. January 1, 1983 is considered the official birthday of the Internet with the same standard.
B. It was Tim Berners-Lee.
C. It’s the Internet.
D. It supplies a lot of knowledge and information, and allows instant communication with anyone in the world.
E. The largest platforms are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and WeChat.
F. It started in the 1960s as a way to share information.

Question 71.
What invention do you like?/  
Question 72.
When did the Internet start?/  
Question 73.
When was the official birthday of the Internet?/  
Question 74.
Who was the inventor of the World Wide Web?/  
Question 75.
What are the benefits of the Internet?/  

XII. Write about the reasons why you agree or disagree that robots will soon replace teachers at schools, using the cues provided.

Robots can help teachers in their work
76. robots / repetitive tasks / like / collecting homework, marking papers
77 so / teachers / save / time and energy
78. teachers / use robots / help students / difficulties / health conditions
79. robots / seem / more efficient / teachers / because / they / give lessons / each/ student
80. although / robots / detect technical problems / not realise / issues
81. teachers / the unique ability / inspire children / learn / and / robots /not

Question 76.
Question 77.
Question 78.
Question 79.
Question 80.
Question 81.

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