[028] - Đề ôn thi then chốt vào các trường chuyên, trường chất lượng cao, trường điểm (Thầy Đại Lợi)

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Circle the word which has underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

Circle the odd one out.

Circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

Question 6. I will _______________ my lucky money in my piggy bank.
Question 7. ________ you hear the fireworks from your house last night?
Question 8. “_______________do you think about the new kinds of robots?”
Question 9. We waste a lot of money and lime researching and making robots”.
Question 10. You should put the food in a reusable box ________ plastic bag.
Question 11. If we use ________ paper, we will save a lot of trees.
Question 12. Yesterday, my mother________ me a robot toy on my birthday.
Question 13. ________ means giving things to people who are in need.
Question 14. We shouldn’t ________ rubbish on the street.
Question 15. At Tet, many people present rice to wish ______enough food throughout the year.
Question 16. If anyone ________ him I ________ back at 9 o’clock.
Question 17. My father always ________ coffee at home instead of going to the coffee shop.

Find one mistake A, B, C or D and correct it.

Question 18. My brother doesn’t like peas and he doesn’t like carrots, too.
Question 19. Let’s getting some of these vegetables, shall we?
Question 20. Many people prefer watching TV than reading books.

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Tet holiday is celebrated on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Some weeks before the New Year, the Vietnamese clean their house and paint the walls. New clothes are bought for the occasion. One or two days before the festival, people make Banh Chung, which is the traditional cake, and other goodies. On the New Year’s Eve, the whole family gets together for a reunion dinner. Every member of the family should be present during the dinner in which many different kinds of dishes are served. On the New Year morning, the young members of the family pay their respects to the elders. In return they receive lucky money wrapped in red tiny envelopes. Then people go to visit their neighbors, friends and relatives.

Question 21.
When do the Vietnamese celebrate Tet holiday? →   .
Question 22.
Do they make Banh Chung after the festival? →   .
Question 23.
What do they do on the New Year’s Eve? →   .
Question 24.
Who receives lucky money? →   .
Question 25.
Do they visit their neighbors, friend and relatives on the New Year morning? →   .

Read the passage and choose the correct answer A, C, C or D.

How can we ___(26)___ our teeth healthy? First, we ought to ___(27)___ our dentist twice a year. He can fill the small ___(28)___ in our teeth before they destroy the teeth.
Secondly, we should brush our teeth ___(29)___ twice a day - once after breakfast, and once before we go to bed. We can also use ___(30)___ toothpicks to clean our teeth after a meal.

Rewrite the sentences starting with the given words.

Question 31.
It’s a good idea for me to stay at home. → I’d rather   .
Question 32.
Nobody in the group can play football as well as he can. → He is   .
Question 33.
Mr. James is a dangerous driver. → Mr. James   .
Question 34.
How heavy is the chicken? → What   .
Question 35.
Hurry or you’ll be late for the train. → If you   .

Reorder the words/ phrases to complete the sentences.

Question 36.
Question 37.
Question 38.

Write full sentences using the given words.

Question 39.
Shelves/ above/ the closet. →   .
Question 40.
There/ a bed/ corner/ the room. →   .

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[028] - Đề ôn thi then chốt vào các trường chuyên, trường chất lượng cao, trường điểm (Thầy Đại Lợi)

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