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Question 1. People who take on a second job inevitably ______ themselves to greater stress.
Question 2. The party leader travelled the length and ______ of the country in an attempt to spread his message.
Question 3. Vietnam U23 made not only Asia but also Europe keep a close eye on them. They ______ internationally.
Question 4. If we didn't ______ any measures to protect whales, they would disappear forever.
Question 5. On the whole, the rescue mission was well executed.
Question 6. Could you ______ _ me a lift into town?
Question 7. We were all in a ______ mood because the weather was good and we were going on holiday the next day.
Question 8. The works of such men as the English philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes helped pave the way for academic freedom in the modern sense.
Question 9. It was no accident that he broke my glasses. He did it ______ purpose.
Question 10. It is the ______ of stupidity to go walking in the mountains in this weather.
Question 11. Alice said: "That guy is ______ gorgeous. I wish he would ask me out."
Question 12. Please don't ______ a word of this to anyone else, it's highly confidential.
Question 13. The players' protests ______ no difference to the referee's decision at all.
Question 14. In a formal interview, it is essential to maintain good eye ______ with the interviewers.
Question 15. I read the contract again and again ______ avoiding making spelling mistakes.
Question 16. With this type of insurance, you're buying ______ of mind.
Question 17. Both universities speak ______ of the programme of student exchange and hope to cooperate more in the future.
Question 18. My neighbors are really tight with money. They hate throwing away food, don't eat at restaurant, and always try to find the best price.
Question 19. After congratulating his team, the coach left, allowing the players to let their ______ down for a while.
Question 20. My advice is that you get straight to the point in the next report.

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